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Osteopathy in Squamish
Restore health from within

Health is a precious balance unique to everyone. For humans, health is a complicated equilibrium of inherent homeostatic mechanisms, emotional balance, social involvement, environmental relationships and spiritual endeavors.

Osteopathy is a philosophy based on achieving harmony within these components. The complexity of the journey towards health means that no one provider holds all the keys to usher a singular individual to the experience of health. However, the body does. My work as an osteopathic practitioner is to help the body restore health from within.

Comprehensive bodywork
Osteopathy is a manual-based therapy that includes an array of different modalities such as myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, muscle energy and structural adjustments. Based on the premise that the body is a self-regulating unit, the goal of this type of bodywork is to allow the body to return to proper functionality by removing inertia within the system. This is done with subtle, minute manipulations from the therapist to entice a healing response from the body.

As a holistic therapy, this approach takes into consideration the history of traumas and their effect on the client’s resiliency, yielding a unique perspective on the symptoms. By tapping into the client’s homeostasis potential, the osteopathic practitioner guides the body toward an increase in resiliency and a reduction of symptoms.

Osteopathy can be an efficient means to reduce acute and chronic musculoskeletal symptoms. It can also be used to gain better function in healthy clients with objectives ranging from athletic performance to common daily activities.

Alexis Dupuis-Le Blanc, DOMP
I am a Canadian Osteopathic practitioner, graduating with a D.Sc.O with honors from the Canadian College of Osteopathy of Montreal. I began practicing osteopathy in Quebec in 2012. I co-founded the Clinique Intégrative d’Ostéopathie in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec.

I have completed a wide variety of post-graduate certifications, including Endo-cranial Spasms, Biodynamics, Meta-osteopathy, Seated-facet Release Techniques and Structured Functional Adjustments. My extensive training has helped me develop a unique approach to bodywork. Prior to my training in osteopathy, I spent over a decade as a professional ballet dancer in Europe, where I performed in France, Switzerland and Germany.

I was first exposed to the benefits of osteopathy as a performance athlete, which led to my development as an osteopathic practitioner now living and practicing in Squamish. 

I am thrilled to move to Squamish and join PhysioFocus. As a holistic therapist, I avoid focusing solely on symptoms and instead directs my attention to the entire system, using mainly manual osteopathy as a non-physician osteopathic practitioner to promote the body’s capacity to restore itself to health. I approach each person with the goal of restoring functionality to human mechanics. Outside of the clinic, you can find me running on the trails around Squamish. I also enjoy outdoor sports like skiing and kayaking. I am also an avid CrossFit athlete.

What to expect

As an osteopathic practitioner, I have a great range of tools that I use depending on the nature of the work the client requires. The first visit usually focuses on what I call ‘cleaning up’ all the areas of the body that are not mobile and lack vitality. One has to know that my work is based on the principle that the body is a unit and, in order to restore health, the entire system has to function correctly.

During the first sessions, I will normally use tools that are more dynamic, making sure the musculo-skeletal system is in working order. As the treatment progresses, I will go into deeper, more subtle work. My hands won’t be moving as much because I will be listening (or dialoging) with the deeper tissue of the body. I will be listening to subtle, more profound changes in the slow rhythms that are present at all times within human mechanics. This is where old and new traumas, metabolic disharmonies and places of inertia reside. This work requires much less movement from the therapist. Clients tell me that this aspect of my work feels very light, but at the same time very profound. As we work together at this level, the quietness allows for the patient to observe and feel deep modifications within the tissues. Sometimes this type of work has an immediate or delayed impact on the emotional aspect of the inertia within the body. Emotional releases are possible, although this is not the primary aim of this work. The aim is always to allow the body’s own rhythms and movements to come back and thus reintegrating a healthy state.

Depending on the individual, the work might alternate at various levels of vigorousness. If we continue the work together beyond this initial point, patients are usually rid of their initial complaints or are dramatically improved. If the client chooses to continue treatment, the scope for the therapy is more subtle. Together with the client, we dive into the center of the nervous system and we explore all traces that are present in the palpable matter, be it physical, emotional or trans-generational traumas. The goal of this bodywork is, again, to restore the adaptive capabilities of the body, which is what I call health.

What to wear

My treatments are usually fully clothed. Therefore, I recommend you wear comfortable clothes such as sportswear.

Benefits of Osteopathy
Helps alleviate discomfort and pain of acute and chronic issues by addressing the root cause of the issue.

What we treat:

  • Concussion
  • Chronic pain
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder conditions
  • Repetitive occupational strains
  • Postural conditions
  • Sports injures and performance
  • Physical Trauma
  • Post-surgery conditions
  • Muscular, joint stiffness, and pain.
  • Motor vehicle accident injury
  • Digestive issues
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