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Take control of your health with advanced Osteopathic care; a holistic, harmonious approach that teaches you to identify and tame your body’s response to triggers and stress, returns you to your favourite activities with less pain and better function, and allows you to become the master of your own well-being. 

Now with two locations to serve you better – Osteopathy in  Squamish, and opening downtown Vancouver in fall of 2023.


Osteopathy is a holistic form of manual therapy and medicine that came from the USA at the turn of the previous century from Dr Andrew Taylor Still. Based on the idea that the body is a unit, osteopathic practitioners provide hands on treatment to help you with pain, anxiety, depression and other ailments.

If you are suffering from chronic or acute issues that won’t resolve, chances are that blockages or patterns are preventing your body from self healing. Osteopathic practitioners investigate the root cause of an issue with you to find the best solutions. This involves learning about your body’s coping methods, and inner dialogue, understanding your triggers and finding new patterns that fit your unique situation.



Anxiety & Depression


Trauma Response


Chronic Pain

Anxiety and depression often stem from patterns set by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) reactions to traumatic early life experiences. These patterns persist and are  embodied, causing physical ailments. Osteopathy is an effective tool to complement talk therapy to help you with anxiety, depression, and trauma. Learn how to recognize the triggers and patterns of your nervous system with the help of an osteopathic intervention.

Together, we can find ways for you to free yourself of coping patterns in your body and teach you how to self regulate and soothe your ANS. Reduce chronic pain, acute injuries or discomfort and restore your body to optimal health and performance with Osteopathic Care – a holistic, harmonious approach to full mind / body health. 

Your Osteopath Practitioner

Hello, I’m Alexis Dupuis-Le Blanc,

an advanced Osteopathic Practitioner with over 10 years of experience. At Comprehensive Bodywork in Squamish, BC, I apply a unique approach to Osteopathy. By working with you, we harness your body’s own wisdom to rewire your trauma responses; freeing you from learned body reactions and patterns post trauma.

I also help my patients with anxiety, depression, burnout treatment, and chronic pain. I apply a holistic approach that differs based on your unique body.

I understand what it is like to live with trauma and chronic pain. I found Osteopathy  in my early years when faced with the possibility of a major, life changing surgery. To learn more about my story, click the button below. 

New to Osteopathy? 

During your visits your practitioner will conduct an initial screening interview, a short evaluation and then a tailored treatment. The treatment may be quite subtle, or involve physical manipulation. You will also be sent home with recommendations for proper maintenance to extend the effect of the treatment on your body. 

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To book your first visit and intitial consultation use the button below. For any questions or further inquiries contact Alexis at the information provided below.

Osteopathy in Vancouver

Opening in fall of 2023, our Vancouver clinic is accessible for communities within Vancouver including downtown, Coal Harbour, Vancouver West End, Yaletown, Kitsilano, and nearby neighbourhoods. 

470 Granville street, DT Vancouver.

Contact Alexis at: 


(604) 780-8776

Osteopathy in Squamish

Our Squamish clinic is accessible for communities across the sea-sky corridor including: North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Whistler, Pemberton, Horseshoe Bay and Squamish.

43-40137 Government Road, 2nd Floor, Squamish, BC