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Seize control of your health with advanced Osteopathic care. Experience a holistic approach that empowers you to manage your body’s responses, alleviates pain, and enhances functionality. Take charge and become the architect of your well-being at our conveniently located Squamish clinic. 


Services – If you’re suffering from any of the following Osteopathy can help

Counseling Adjunct

Learn how to both listen to your internal cues, and discover your body’s incredible wisdom and integrate its knowledge into your daily life.

Digestive Pain

If you’re suffering from Gastrointestinal problems Osteopathic visceral work can help with reducing discomfort and pain.


With osteopathic care, we access your nervous system trauma response in order to increase your window of tolerance and improve your symptoms.


As an integrated part of the concussion and traumatic brain injury recovery team, osteopathic care helps recover the nervous system function focused on helping the brain reduce its inflammation.

Athletic Performance

Whether you are a runner, climber, skier or mountain biker, make sure your body is in optimal function for your favourite activities. Gain better control and understanding of your potential.

Burnout Treatment

During prevention and burnout treatment we explore your stress reponses in the body and harness your reactions to unlock the adverse reaction. Lower your stress levels and recover from burnout quickly and safely.


Why Chose Comprensive Bodywork Squamish?


Advanced Osteopathic Care

Enjoy working with a practitioner with a wide variety of advanced training and techniques. 

Highly Specialized Approach

This treatment is for you if you’re seeking wellness and are ready to grow and transform. 

Customized Treatment

Your body has its own unique story. Together we will listen to your story and find your body’s path back to health. 

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Osteopathy in Squamish, BC

Comprehensive Bodywork is accessible for communities across the sea-sky corridor including: North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Whistler, Pemberton, Horseshoe Bay and locals here in Squamish.
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